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Likes: theatre people, classic rock, chick flicks, female singers, musicals, teen television, foreign language films, male heartthrobs, leading ladies, men who can sing, the gay community, college, pizza, dumb comedies, the '70s, anything blue, bright colors, acting, my mom, mystery, wearing other people's sweatshirts, elephants, talking just to make noise, staying up late, theme parties, unique names, random dance breaks, obscure indie flicks, child stars who successfully segue into adult roles.

Dislikes: smoking, rude people, disney channel stars, crapppy actors, flaky people, taylor swift, homophobes, people who always have to be right, thunderstorms, country music, waiting, getting up too early, chocolate, people who don't say thank you, being blown off, losing friends, cold places, seeing others hurt.
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Lion King

Movies in 2010

These are all the movies I've seen in 2010! All these ratings are based on my personal preference. 5 is pretty much a movie I'd love to own on DVD and watch over and over again. 4 is a movie I wouldn't mind seeing again. 3 is a movie I probably would only watch if there was nothing else on TV. And if it's a 2 or 1, I'll probably never watch it again.

+  full star
~  half star

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